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Hello there, I am an amateur programmer and you somehow happened to stumble upon my website! This GitHub pages site hosts PanelStudio stuff, an online logo generator I made and a ForgeGradle patch.

Check out my Maven repo, GitHub or browse the contents of this webpage!


An extensible and customizable GUI API/library to create ClickGUIs, HUDEditors and TabGUIs designed for use in Minecraft utility mods.

Go to PanelStudio page.

Logo Generator

Create your very own lukflug-like logo and stop messaging me about this!

Go to Logo Generator page.

ForgeGradle 2.x Patches (obsolete)

Patch for ForgeGradle 2.1-SNAPSHOT, 2.2-SNAPSHOT and 2.3-SNAPSHOT that accomodates the recent Forge Maven repository entrypoint change.

Go to ForgeGradle Patch page.